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    Outdoor Watercress Heartier Than Greenhouse Offerings

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Spicy Delight

Posted by Rob

With warm, sunny days, and aquifers replenished, spring welcomes back one of our favorite new crops: Watercress. As the chance of rain diminishes, our irrigation systems get more use in order to keep our summer plants growing. Inevitably, there are some leaks between the fittings, which gave us an idea: with some handy tractor work, we created a long furrow to catch the run-off and created the perfect environment for this spicy treat. The hollow stems make the leaves buoyant, and it likes nothing more than to swim in a gently flowing stream on a warm spring day!  Related to both radishes and mustard, the flavor is spicy and tangy and packs a wonderful punch.  


Must be stored slightly moist and consumed fresh.  Will generally last up to 3 days in refridgeration, but does not do well dried and consumed later on.


Watercress has many health benefits and contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, folic acid, and Vitamins A and C.  Watercress is allegedly one of the oldest leafy vegetables consumed by humans and in days of yore, it was promoted as a cure for the dreaded scurvy!

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Watercress is simply a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches, or all by itself.