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Ronde de Nice

Nice Squash

Posted by Tent

Oooh laa laaa…This heirloom variety hails from Nice in the Region Provence of southern France and its name literally translates to 'round from Nice'. These gourmet squash have a rich, almost creamy texture, and their flavor is more complex than your average squash -  a little nutty and a dash sweeter.

Cooking these round beauties brings out their best. They are superb grillers, and can also be stuffed - with themselves! Spoon out the delicious insides, sauté it up quickly with cheese, pancetta, pine nuts, peppers or tomatoes - whatever you desire - then add back into their skins and bake them for a bit in the oven. The resulting cheesy, creamy, squashy ball of warm goodness will make you forget all about last winter's butternuts - even if you still have some on your shelf.

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