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    Butterballs All Cute in a Bowl

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SEASON: Spring, Fall


SEPARATE THOSE SPROUTERS: If any of your potatoes start to sprout, be sure to throw them away - or plant them - as soon as you notice. They will turn their spud friends into sprouters as well.

German Butterball

Home Fry Heros

Posted by Lori

These spuds are a definite employee favorite here at Happy Boy because of their delicious buttery flavor and and versatility. The butterball's texture is light enough for creamy golden mashed potatoes and firm enough to hold its shape in a potato salad. You can't go wrong if you roast them with or without meat and when it comes to finding perfection in home fries, butterballs will never let you down.


Try to keep potatoes in a mildly cool, dark and dry place - most of us put our spuds in paper bags away in cupboards because too much sunlight turns them green and bitter and too much moisture causes their delicate skin to rot.


Atkins-fear-not! Potatoes are an important source of complex carbohydrates {think of replacing that sourdough roll with a potato}, low in sodium and fat and high in potassium, minerals, fiber and vitamins C and B6.

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Potatoes loves herbs - especially rosemary, sage, thyme and dill - and rich creamy things like aioli, sour cream, cheese and vegan or eggy mayo. Butterballs are a favorite for roasting and home fries.