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Once scooped, you could carve it into a cozy nighttime lantern for the dinner table or if you are preparing a hearty winter squash soup why not serve it in the carved kakai. A natural pumpkin tureen makes for a very cool presentation.


Pumpkins Grown Only For Their Perfect Hulless Seeds

Posted by Drew

What looks like an unassuming pumpkin on the outside is actually quite remarkable and unusual within. What makes the kakai special, besides its attractive green and orange exterior, is what’s inside this pumpkin. Nope, not the flesh. Unlike all the other winter squash Happy Boy grows, this one does not have tasty meat. This pumpkin is grown specifically for its seeds!

While it’s true that all pumpkins have edible seeds, most are cream colored with thick fibrous shells surrounding the internal edible seed. They do toast up nicely, but they are kind of a pain because of the pesky outer layer. The kakai, however, has silvery green seeds that are a cinch to scoop out and prepare - and the best part is, they have no chewy, fibrous hulls. That’s right, completely hulless! We like to toast them up and eat rich, crispy seeds by the handful. So though the kakai pumpkin itself is not a tasty edible one, it does contain lots of super nutritious edible treats inside.

To choose a good kakai, select large pumpkins that feel hollow, indicating a large seed cavity with more seed treats inside! Like all winter squash, the kakai can be enjoyed as a decorative pumpkin until the moment to scoop out the seeds arrives.

Quick and Easy Roasting Directions:
Cut squash so you can scoop out seeds. Separate seeds from seed walls but don’t rinse them. The squashy moisture adds good flavor! Roast plain or add whatever seasonings or flavors you like - see our favorite combos in Recipies and Pairings below. Lay seeds out on a flat pan, optionally lined with parchment paper. Cooking them in the oven, at a low 175 degrees for 20-25 minutes, keeps the healthy oils intact. Don’t crowd the seeds, stir once or twice and remove from oven. Let cool before enjoying.  

Sweet seeds make an attractive final edible garnish for tops of desserts, like pumpkin cheesecake or sweet potato pie. Sweet toasty seeds are even good on your breakfast porridge.

Savory kakai seeds make an excellent topping for soups or crostini. Chop the toasted seeds and add to roasted veggies for interesting added texture. The toasted seeds also make a very natural addition to salads. But you may find that you prefer to eat them by the handful like us!  



Kakai pumpkins will last longest if kept in a cool and airy spot, free from excessive moisture.  Do not refrigerate.


Pumpkin seeds have all sorts of benefits, including healthy oils that promote prostate health in men. They also are a healthy source of protein.

Recipes & Pairings

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For savory seeds:
Coat with olive oil, salt and pepper, with optional spices like cayenne, chili, smoked paprika or cumin. A dash of tamari is also nice.

For sweet seeds:
Coat with melted butter and cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice, cocoa or anything else that excites your sweet tooth.