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German Butterball Potatoes

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Tuber pointers:

All of our spuds taste and cook a little differently - check out all the varieties to find which one fits your craving best!


Are So Hot Right Now

Posted by Tent

Yes, the rumors are true, potatoes are SO HOT right now. And thanks to a resurgence in specialty and heirloom crops, this once pigeon-holed tuber is currently enjoying newfound fame as a deliciously versatile whole food perfect for a multitude of different recipes and cooking methods. While Idaho may still have the russet market cornered, we have discovered that our speciality varieties thrive in the coastal soil and offer up a plethora darn good eatin'. I never expected people to be as excited about potatoes as they are about heirloom tomatoes, but given the popularity of our brightly colored "potato bar", this seems to be the case.

We like to harvest our potatoes when they are young, before the plant above the ground dies. Considered "new" potatoes, their skins will be thin and none of our potatoes will need to be peeled, and their flesh will also be more tender and tasty. Check out the different varieties described below to see which are best for what's on your menu.


Try to keep potatoes in a mildly cool, dark and dry place - most of us put our spuds in paper bags away in cupboards.


Potatoes are an important source of complex carbohydrates {think of replacing that sourdough roll with a potato}, low in sodium and fat and high in potassium,

Recipes & Pairings

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Potatoes are an incredibly versatile crop, but each variety is best prepared a little differently. See the variety descriptions to see which type of potato is best for your favorite recipes. Potatoes can be paired with herbs like rosemary, thyme, marjoram, chives, or dill. They also make excellent soup with leeks, and can be roasted with green garlic or onions.