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    Young Basil Plants

Spring has Sprung

And Summer is Right Around the Corner!

Posted by Tent

With summer quickly approaching, we are busily preparing our crops for an abundant season. Here are a few summertime favorites in their baby-plant stages. These young plants - or starts - are initially grown in our greenhouses to protect them from harsh winter conditions like frost and rainstorms. Greenhouses are different from hot-houses {which we do not use} in that they offer protection from unpredictable weather elements without using artificial light or heat to grow plants out of season.

Hopefully by the Spring Equinox, or shortly thereafter, we will be able to move the starts out into our fields where they can soak up the extra sunshine and take root in the organic soil. Before you know it, all these little shoots are going to be strong, tall plants {or vines}, heavy with fruit! Melons and tomatoes, here we come!


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