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Temescal Market

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Serendipity Farms
Local Produce


Blue Bottle Coffee


Prather Ranch

Organic and Sustainable Meats


Blossom Bluff

Stone Fruit 


Scream Sorbet
Locally sourced sorbet


Cowgirl Creamery

Organic cheese


Saint Benoît Yogurt

Organic, artisanal french-style yogurt


Pacific Wildcraft

Wildcrafted sea plants



Sunday, 9AM - 1PM

Location & Hours

Temescal's DMV Parking Lot
5300 Claremont Ave
9AM - 1PM

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Market Description

Located in the burgeoning Temescal District of Oakland, this farmers' market is truly a community affair. At any given time, the market is filled with people from the neighborhood— under most tents you'll find pockets of people chatting, catching up, or re-uniting amid delicious produce. Temescal is relatively young and has already become a Happy Boy favorite: the customers are notoriously friendly, the vendors all get along like one quirky family, and the products are the most sought after in the area. While our stand might appear on the small side, this is actually one of our busiest markets, and we are endlessly thankful to our engaged customers for supporting us here at this Oakland gem.  

This market houses over 20 hand-picked vendors and farmers that are perfectly tailored to the surrounding community. Temescal customers are dedicated to buying local—proven weekly by the lines spilling out of tents. On any given Sunday you can spy die-hard coffee lovers waiting for their Blue Bottle Coffee, among them a few Happy Boys coping with the early morning wake-up. If you’re looking for specialty breads and sweet treats, both Feel Good Bakery and Bay Bread come to this market. Serendipity Farms is a staple at market for all you loyal feminists looking to support a female-owned farm. You can find organic, free range, grass-fed meats at Prather Ranch - the omnivores at Happy Boy have a special weakness for their bacon and whiskey-maple sausages. For all your fruity needs - we all have 'em - swing by Blossom Bluff and grab some delicious peaches, apples, pears—you will not be disappointed! And if you work up an appetite shopping all this produce, so you can visit Donna’s Tamales for their infamously savory tamales, Andy and Cindy’s for some delicious Thai food, or skip the meal entirely and go straight to Scream Sorbet for a scoop you won’t forget.

If you’re worried about your puppy not being able to accompany you to market - don't! The market association provides puppy play-care, so that you can drop your pup off to be pup-sat by some official animal lovers. And if your little one walks on two legs instead of four, there are plenty of playmates running around—you can catch most of them doing Reggae renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle” with the weekly market musician. Temescal customers are so loyally dedicated to entertainment, that they’ve even requested Karaoke so that they can buy their carrots and sing their pipes out!

We here at Happy Boy have grown fond of all of our customers at the Temescal Farmers' Market. If you live in the area and are looking to meet new friends, neighbors or farmers, you should definitely bring your own bags and come over!