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Rainbow Grocery

worker-owned, committed to local farms

Posted by Sam

Located in the Mission District of San Francisco, this 200 person worker-owned cooperative is the prime example of a business by and for its community. Rainbow is owned and operated by its workers, democratically managed, and committed to buying and selling from local farmers and vendors from around the Bay Area. Being a worker-owned collective means that all employees of Rainbow are part owners in the co-op. This model reflects Rainbow’s commitment to building community, one that directly supports the growing local food movement. Rainbow has been a loyal buyer and core supporter of Happy Boy Farms for over 5 years.

When asked why they sell Happy Boy products, produce buyers Sheri and Kim (a charming and dedicated duo) explained that customers love our spinach and salad greens. “We do our best to keep it local with smaller operators,” explained Kim. This commitment is in large part due to the reality that smaller productions ensure more control over the quality of their products. From a food safety perspective, because our salad greens are directly hand harvested, there is less of a danger of infestation by bacteria and other contaminants, that larger producers and mechanized harvesting often perpetuate. This is one way that Rainbow makes sure their consumers benefit from buying local.

Rainbow is a prime example of community-oriented businesses. The relationships between producer, employee, and customer make this hardly another grocery store. Customers are given information on where the product they are buying came from, who grows it, and whether or not it is Certified Organic. This simple yet crucial information is another way that Rainbow practices what it preaches: a commitment to buying local, selling local, and educating their customers on where their food comes from.

Rainbow Grocery is located at 1745 Folsom St @ 13th St in San Francisco and are open everyday from 9am to 9pm.


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